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International Quality Certifications: How They Can Support In The Decision Process

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

When you are searching for a new product or company many doubts come to your mind, especially about the quality of their products, certifications can be very helpful to help in the consumer decision about what is the best product and trustworthy company and also help the companies to grow in all areas.

In a production process, there are a lot of steps to be done and it is important to maintain attention and excellence in each step to maintain the quality of the final product that reaches customers. Companies that are committed to maintaining this level of excellence, seek to certify the quality of their processes and products through certificates from official organizations.

Ozersah Group being the manufacturer of petroleum products and lubricants has its own requirements to define the standard to acquire and which certification to submit. But as mentioned before, international certification is one reinforcement that can support the choice of company products.

There are few organizations that analyze and provide certifications in this subject, and the most popular is International Organization for Standardization. ISO certifications validate a business’s fulfillment of requirements about the quality process standards determined by the International Standards Organization (ISO). It helps to certify that a product or company is following the best practices and management systems. These standards can be applied in almost every industry, from technology, food safety, oil, etc. Some of the certificates provided are:

ISO 9001: Certifies the criteria for a quality management system and can be issued to any organization, large or small, in any field of activity. It is based on quality management issues, for example, customer focus, the process approach, continual improvement, etc.

ISO 45001: Define the main points for an occupational health and safety (OH&S) management system, and how it can be used to help organizations maintain safe and healthy workplaces, prevent work injury, etc. It is provided to all types of organizations that establish or maintain an OH&S management system for health and safety.

ISO 17025: This is the international standard for laboratory competence, that can be applied to universities, research centers, etc and to receive it is recommended that all laboratories do testing, sampling, or calibration work.

The automotive and oil industry have standards to be followed as well. Besides ISO, other organizations have the authority to provide a true analysis of the quality and safety of the products.

Turkish Institute for Standardization (TSE) is another norm Turkish standardization form that it’s a full member of the International Organization for Standardization and is recognized all over Turkey as the national standardization body and represents Turkish interests at international and European levels.

Satisfied customers, management improvement, and saving costs are some benefits that come when you pay attention to these details.

Ozersah Group continues to show commitment to quality and safety and takes seriously each step of excelling in the production process; Our Certificates & standards are proof of our adaptation to a high-efficient quality system that meets international requirements.

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